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Water Testing

Water Testing

Before a proper filter system can be designed it is crucial to have a complete view of the water chemistry to be treated. Trying to recommend a water filter without the information provided by thorough water testing is like trying to solve a puzzle without seeing all the pieces. Factors like pH can have a major impact on iron removal just as iron content affects how a water softener will function. Furthermore, some contaminants like lead or arsenic aren’t detectable by sight or smell, so it’s important to test your water so you know what needs to be corrected. West Carolina Water Treatment has a variety means available to test your water. By using resources such as basic on-site water analysis, our in-house bacteriological testing lab, or complete outsourced lab workups, we can provide the testing services you need.
Small community water supplies are required to submit quarterly samples to ensure their compliance with State regulations. Small community water systems are defined as those private or non-municipal water systems that have at least 15 connections (like homes on a shared well) or provide water to 25 or more people. Common properties that are subject to this regulation include buildings that service the public such as churches, retail stores, fire departments and community centers. West Carolina Water Treatment is happy to assist in the routine collection and submission of water samples as well as providing treatment solutions to correct problem water. If you would like to get a better understanding of your water quality or for assistance with keeping your community system in compliance please give us a call. We are happy to help you get the process started so that you can start drinking better water.
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