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Ken Plowman is our Senior Service Technician and responsible for much of the routine maintenance of the equipment installed in the field. He has been with the company over 8 years with over 10 years total of water treatment experience and another decade of other service-related work history.

Ken and his wife have two children and an old, but lovable, American Pit Bull Terrier.  When not out in the field maintaining water treatment equipment, he enjoys spending time with his classic VW at car shows and perfecting his recipe for the world’s best smoked Boston butt.

Whether you have questions about how your water filter works, about VW bugs or have any BBQ tips to share, Ken will be happy to talk to you about it all!


Michael Rhodarmer is a Service Technician with over a decade of experience as a maintenance and automotive technician.  Transitioning to the water treatment industry has been a natural step where he can apply his exceptional troubleshooting skills to fixing problem water and maintaining treatment equipment.  Additionally, Michael is West Carolina Water Treatment’s in-house fleet mechanic, helping keep our service trucks safely on the road. 

Micheal and his wife and kid like to do things that I will find out from him and fill in here.


David Anderson is an Installation & Service Technician and also a Master Plumber with over 30 years in the industry.  There isn’t much about the right way to move water that David doesn’t know and his experience is an incredible asset to West Carolina Water Treatment.  If you’re purchasing a new piece of equipment from us there is a good chance that David will be part of your installation team.  Prior to his plumbing career David spent 10 years in the US Army as a Combat Engineer. 

Outside of work David and his wife maintain an amazing working farm.  Among other things, he keeps bees, chickens, donkeys and is especially fond of his 22 goats and the 5 Great Pyrenees that keep watch over them.

Fun fact! David is fluent in German, so if you “Sprechen Sie Deutsch” you should strike up a conversation with him!


Dave Garner is an Installation & Service Technician and makes up the other half our primary installation team. He is a 28-year veteran of the US Army and when he found that he still had a drive to work, he decided to take up a second career in the water treatment industry.  Dave’s decades of military training taught him to be an incredibly fast learner and helped him become extremely skilled in his new role over the past two years working with us. 

Dave and his wife Cheri have a beautiful yellow Lab named Lucy.  Lucy and her “Mom” Cheri spend much of their free time volunteering as a therapy dog team in local hospitals and schools.  Dave enjoys Mexican food, being outside and driving his side-by-side. 

If you want to have a fun conversation with him, ask Dave about his “long commute” to work each day, heck you can even ask him in Spanish!


Andrea Morris is the Office Manager for West Carolina Water Treatment and the rudder of our ship.  She’s the first to greet you on the phone or in person if you come by our office and with her decade of office management experience, she is a truly instrumental part of our team. 

Andrea and her husband D-Bo share their home with their 2 dogs, Maggie and Lucky, and their cat Q’Lio.  In addition to her family, she also loves all thigs horses and caring for as many plants as she can get her hands on.  Andrea has a bachelor’s degree in biology, has gone through extensive training through the Water Quality Association and is bilingual in Spanish and English. 

With her knowledge and skills, chances are whatever question you have, in whatever language you ask it in, Andrea will be able to get you the answer you need.


Dennis Warwick is the owner of West Carolina Water Treatment and wears many hats in that role.  Founded in 1996, West Carolina Water Treatment was purchased by Dennis and his parents Tom & Kathy in 2009 and he has been responsible for running the business ever since.  Dennis is accredited through the Water Quality Association as a Certified Water Specialist and enjoys attending as many continuing education classes and seminars as possible to stay current in the industry and maintain his certifications. 

Aside from his business management duties, Dennis is the primary sales person and system engineer and loves coming up with unique solutions to unusual water treatment challenges.  Dennis and his wife Melissa have two young children, Turner and Nora.  He enjoys woodworking, home improvement projects and playing with his kids. 

When Dennis isn’t fixing water, he loves to be on the water, spending as much time as he can with his family at lake Chatuge.


Kathy Warwick is the mother of Dennis and was the essential other half of taking over the business in 2009.  She and Dennis were the first and only two employees of the company for the first several years in business.  While Kathy has stepped away from day-to-day operations, she still does much of the accounting and is always happy to fill in when needed. 

Kathy is married to her husband Tom of more then 40 years and enjoys spending her free time gardening (or “playing in the dirt” as she says), spending time with her family and living the lake life at Chatuge.

& Nora

Dennis credits much of his success to the unwavering support of his family. Melissa, Turner, and Nora are not only his marketing team but also the best support staff a husband and father could ask for.

Despite long hours at work, Dennis always finds time to create special memories with his family.


Ben Beach, our resident Tech Guru, has been with West Carolina Water Treatment for two years, bringing over 20 years of IT and programming experience. Renowned for his innovation, Ben received a Visionary Award in 2019 for developing an ERP for manufacturing facilities. He also works as an IT System Analyst at a public university.

Ben’s unwavering support comes from his wife, Jessica, and their two children, Justin and Aiden, who help him juggle his full-time job and after-hours contracting work. Ben’s hobbies include watching movies with his family, exploring new subjects, and chatting with friends and family. He is always eager to discuss technology, family adventures, or even unusual theories.

If you’re curious about IT, family life, or unique perspectives, Ben is ready for a great conversation.

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