You may have found yourself asking what happened to Alpha Clean Water and now where do I turn to for service on my system?  Alpha Clean Water was a water filter company based in Franklin, NC and while we have no details about the cause we can confirm they are no longer in business.  It is important to note that West Carolina Water Treatment is in no way affiliated with Alpha Clean Water and we cannot assume liability for their work or products but we do have some good news!

West Carolina Water Treatment is here to help!  We are very familiar with the products that Alpha Clean sold and have a great deal of experience with servicing that equipment.  Much of the filter equipment is identical to products that West Carolina Water Treatment has sold, installed and serviced over the years.  We are located in Western NC and happily service the Franklin area. Contact us today and put our 15 years of experience in the water filtration industry to work for you. Call us and see why our company is still the best choice for all your water filtration needs.