West Carolina Water Treatment




The LAKOS TwistIIClean is an innovative and patented inline sediment filter for removal of organic debris, sand and sediment from residential water systems. The LAKOS TwistIIClean is easy to use and maintain. Just a gentle ¼ TWIST of the top handle begins the patented reverse flushing action. Within 10 seconds, all debris and sand is automatically cleaned off the internal screen filter. The TwistIIClean is easily maintained by the homeowner given its trouble-free design: no disassembly required to clean; no tools required for maintenance; and no shutdown of water system to flush or clean. The rugged design installs indoors or outdoors and works with all plumbing systems on home water well, agricultural and landscape irrigation systems. Models are available from 3/4” to 1-1/2” inlet/outlet with a flow range up to 48 US gpm. A large selection of screen mesh sizes are available for every situation.