West Carolina Water Treatment

Our Story

West Carolina Water Treatment was established in January 1996 has become a name that people know and trust. Their base of operations has been in Haywood County, where they have proudly served most of the surrounding counties of Western North Carolina. Originally founded by Jack and Joyce Brown who after moving to the area saw the need for a dedicated water treatment company. In early 2009, after being customers of WCWT for nearly 10 years, Dennis, Tom, and Kathy Warwick bought and took over daily operations of the business. Dennis is a certified water specialist that serves as the system engineer and lead service technician. Kathy is the chief financial officer and oversees all office operations. Tom resides on the board of executives.

In this area, most people would think that with our beautiful springs and streams, you wouldn’t have water quality problems. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Since its inception, West Carolina Water Treatment has dealt with the removal of iron, chemicals, bacteria, sediment, and a host of other problems found in drinking water. West Carolina Water Treatment and its extensive experience has made it uniquely equipped to handle all of your water delivery concerns. From boost pumps to solve poor water pressure problems to holding tanks to help with low producing wells and other scenarios where the water demand can temporarily exceed the supply. Additionally, as green technologies advance and societal focus shifts to conservation of our natural resources, our product offerings increase. WCWT is quickly becoming a leader in Rainwater Collection Systems and reusing this water in a variety of ways.

We have proudly have over 500 water purification systems installed and maintained by us today and we are able to service equipment of any make. Our specialized skills, equipment and inventory allow us to provide a unique service to Western North Carolina. Most of our systems are eco-friendly, using green chemical-free methods to natural treat and correct even the most challenging water conditions.