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Jim and Carolyn Counts

Jim and Carolyn Counts

I just wanted to take the time to thank Jack and Joyce for the water treatment system you installed for Carolyn and I, and to share our experience with some of your future customers about how you solved our problems. We were experiencing a 4.0 concentration of iron and fine garnet deposits although water was not hard. Our toilets would have an iron deposit within two days of cleaning. I installed a whole house filter on our washer to keep it from damaging the washer and stopping the water flow. We also have horses and the pastures surround our well. I was concerned about bacteria entering our well through infiltration. Three years ago I raised the ground level around the well and poured a 10” concrete pad around the casing, to eliminate muddy water after rain storms. We still had colored water after rains.

Jack and Joyce came out, tested the water and came back the next weekend with a recommendation. I also had a company come in from TN to test and give their recommendation. When all was said and done, the Co. from TN recommended a water softener, but nothing to control the bacteria problem. Jack wanted to eliminate the iron and remove any bacteria in the water. Jack’s system was a little higher but I thought, I don’t have hard water, why put a water softener in. Jack addressed the problem. Our sinks and toilets are clear all the time and our water is crystal clear. The installation was seamless and professional, providing our family with water which we can use to wash clothes, drink and enjoy. We had bought bottled water for about five years. Our clothes are whiter and we have peace of mind knowing our water does not contain any harmful bacteria. I highly recommend West Carolina Water Treatment to any one in need of solutions involving water treatment.

Thanks again,
Jim and Carolyn Counts
Waynesville, NC

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