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Peter Watkinson

Peter Watkinson

When I moved to my home in the mountains of Western North Carolina I did not give any thought to water quality as I had relocated from Northern Virginia where I used city water. These thoughts changed immediately when I washed my first load of whites, which came out yellow. Something was wrong, but I knew not what. Having been evaluating contractor proposals and evaluating contractor performance during my career, I knew I should contact several water treatment specialists to request evaluations of my water in order to determine what corrective actions would be required. With these responses I would be able to choose the specialist with the most knowledge, the best materials, equipment and expertise. Of the five companies I solicited for bids, West Carolina Water Treatment owned by Jack and Joyce Brown proved to be the best qualified. Jack arrived on time, was courteous, knowledgeable, professional and attentive to my concerns with respect to installation, scheduling, cost, maintenance and service calls. Jack was able to install a system which corrected not only the discoloration problem, but identified and corrected several other problems as well. I have been using West Carolina Water Treatment now for the past several years with excellent results. I have had the opportunity to recommend Jack and Joyce to others and they have been equally pleased with their work done by Jack.

-Peter Watkinson
The Glades/Canton, NC

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