West Carolina Water Treatment

Can I use a water softener to remove iron?

Water softeners will remove some dissolved clear water iron by a process known as ion-exchange. However, iron, manganese and/or hydrogen sulfide gas will eventually foul and ruin the ion-exchange resin. If your water contains less than 2.0 ppm of dissolved iron and manganese combined, have a pH under 7.0, and no sulfur odor, then you […]

How does an iron filter work?

As water comes out of the ground, it is usually clear in color, even though it may contain high levels of iron; this is known as ‘ferrous’ or clear water iron. Also when dealing with “red-water” or ferric iron there is usually still additional iron that remains in clear, ferrous state. Iron filters take this […]

What type of iron is in my water?

Iron can occur in water in a number of different forms. The type of iron present is a big factor when selecting the proper water treatment system. Water that comes out of the faucet clear, but turns red or brown after time is “ferrous” iron, commonly referred to as “clear-water” iron. This color change takes […]