West Carolina Water Treatment

That depends on the hardness of the water entering the softener. Below is a simple chart which shows the additional amount of sodium you would consume by drinking one quart (32oz) of softened water.

Hardness in Grains per Gallon Sodium in Milligrams per Quart
1.0 7.5
5.0 37.5
10.0 75.0
20.0 150.0
40.0 300.0

To make a more normal comparison using everyday foods:

Item Sodium in Milligrams
One slice of regular white bread 161
3/4 cup of canned baked beans 1130
1 tablespoon of ketchup 204
1 average hotdog 610
1 cup of whole milk 127

As you can see, for very hard water measured at 20 grains you only have 150 milligrams per quart of water in sodium added which is less than one slice of regular white bread!

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