West Carolina Water Treatment

The short answer is absolutely YES! West Carolina Water Treatment only carries products and components that are NSF certified.

There is however a more complicated explanation that needs to be made. Only prepackaged and unalterable products can can receive a NSF certification. In order for that certification to remain valid you have to ensure that every time you open a package you get the exact same product, every single time. This makes sense for small products like cartridge filter housing and our Millennium Reverse Osmosis filtration system. Unfortunately the NSF’s requirement for a product to remain unchanged to maintain its certification doesn’t lend itself to well to the dynamic nature of custom whole-home filtration systems. Because there are literally 1000’s of variations or combinations of filter system components that are used to create your unique filtration solution it would be impossible to certify each possible configuration. While each custom configuration does not carry a NSF seal every part used to create the perfect water filter system does. Rest assured that WCWT only uses the highest quality, industry standard parts and every filter tank, control valve, pipe fitting and filter media is NSF certificated to the highest standards.

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