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Filter Service

Filter Service

We pride ourselves on being a full service filter company. While we sell some of the best, low maintenance products on the market, every filter requires maintenance at some point. Some systems can go years without attention but many require service every 1-3 years. Even the best filters can benefit greatly from some basic preventive maintenance; usually performed on an annual basis. Filter media becomes exhausted and needs to be replaced, pistons and seals wear out and leak, and injector nozzles need to be cleaned. Basic filter maintenance like this can be the difference to a properly functioning filter that provides years of good service and one that is plagued with problems and poor performance.

West Carolina Water Treatment services each and every product we sell as well as almost any other brand filter on the market. Chances are if you own a product designed to filter water we have the expertise and the parts required to repair or service it. Give us a call today to schedule a service on your water filter, softener, or reverse osmosis system.


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