Do you know that iron makes up 5% of the earth? Water, often referred to as the universal solvent, dissolves a little of almost everything it comes in contact with, including iron. Iron invisible to the naked eye, referred to as clear water iron or Ferrous Iron. Other times it can be suspended particles in water, giving water a cloudy or yellow to reddish color, often referred to as Red Water Iron or Ferric Iron. Occasionally iron can complex itself with organic compounds in water such as tannins, this provides a compound where the iron can be sequestered by the organics and now has a neutral charge. It does not react to reduction by an ion exchange process nor does it respond to oxidation filtration process, this is sometimes referred to as Organic Iron or Heme Iron. Then there are the natural nuisance bacteria that feed on iron and can produce a biomass that plug pipes and appliances often referred to as Iron Bacteria.

iron in sink     iron in soil

Whatever type of iron you may have, it likely will challenge you and your water treatment equipment. Iron causes many concerns for consumers daily. Stains on your plumbing fixtures, toilets, tubs, shower walls, sidewalks, and driveways. It can cause metallic taste which some people find offensive. Iron can provide foul odors in water and creates many undesirable tastes, colors, and odors in our cooking water. Wherever water is a main ingredient, such as coffee, tea, juices, you can experience the wrath of iron providing a bitter or metallic taste or an off color to anything you boil in iron laden water.

Iron in tub     Iron in shower

There are many different technologies available to reduce iron from your water supply. At Hellenbrand we have designed technologies that work with the various types of iron, some are patented by Hellenbrand. Others are industry proven technologies that have been used for centuries. Our state of the art equipment can provide you with eco-friendly water treatment equipment that is economical to own and operate. It is important to understand what type of iron is in your water and then choose the best available technology to manage your iron. Protect the investment you have made in your home, including your water treatment equipment, plumbing fixtures, your entire plumbing system and water using appliances. Contact us today to learn “What’s in Your Water.”

By, Ed Mass of Hellanbrand Inc.