Case Study (Valley Vista Owners Association)

West Carolina Water Treatment was contacted in fall 2005 by a seasonal resident who lived in the Valley Vista development of the Maggie Valley North Carolina area. He had concerns over the spring water that was supplying his home and requested treatment for the problems. We tested his water and installed a 12 gpm ultraviolet water purifier along with a neutralizer filter to increase the low pH. The customer was highly pleased.

Unknown to us at that time, he was the acting president of the homeowners association. He requested we attend their annual meeting in July 2006 and present treatment options for the two springs that supplied their water. At that meeting the association members discussed the water quality problems and decided to have further independent water tests run and to consider different types of treatment. After checking on other options the committee recommended in December 2006 the installation of individual ultraviolet purifiers for each home and contacted us for a bid. After assessing each individual home in the development to confirm installation locations, plumbing and electrical needs the proposal was submitted, approved and work began in the spring of 2007. West Carolina Water Treatment installed twenty five 12 gpm ultraviolet water purifiers and three 6 gpm under sink ultraviolet water purifiers. Many of the residents who were receiving water from the spring that tested low pH also had neutralizer filters installed. Each installation presented its own challenges but we have received many comments of praise from the homeowners.


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