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Pump Control Systems

West Carolina Water Treatment has unique experience in designing complex custom pump control systems.  Harnessing technologies like wireless transceivers, time delay relays and pump protection circuits we can design the custom control system to match your unique needs.  Give us a call and let us design your wireless well pump or duplex water supply […]

Filter Service

tank-serviceWe pride ourselves on being a full service filter company.  While we sell some of the best, low maintenance products on the market, every filter requires maintenance at some point.  Some systems can go years without attention but many require service every 1-3 years.  […]

Filter Sales

Filter-salesAt the heart of West Carolina Water Treatments business is the sales and service of water filtration equipment.  Since 1996 we have earned our reputation as one of the best water treatment companies in WNC by providing quality filter systems that work as the.  We […]

Service Area

newcountiesWest Carolina Water Treatment services most of western North Carolina.  We service all of Haywood, Buncombe, Jackson, and Macon counties. Additionally, we service parts of Madison, Transylvania, and Swain. If you live in one of these counties please contact us to see if […]

Water Testing

Hach-Water-Test-KitBefore a proper filter system can be designed it is crucial to have a complete view of the water chemistry to be treated. Trying to recommend a water filter without the information provided by thorough water testing is like trying to solve a puzzle […]

Benefits of Soft Water

What are the benefits of having soft water? Why is it important to have soft water in your home? Professionals in the water treatment industry have seen the benefits of soft water first hand over the years. Water softeners allow for the long, efficient life of water-using appliances and fixtures. Not to […]

Iron in Your Water

Do you know that iron makes up 5% of the earth? Water, often referred to as the universal solvent, dissolves a little of almost everything it comes in contact with, including iron. Iron invisible to the naked eye, referred to as clear water iron or Ferrous Iron. Other times it can be suspended particles […]

Ultra Filtration

UF GraphicUltrafiltration (UF) is a membrane technology used to filter water and is somewhat similar to reverse osmosis (RO), but with several key differences. The UF membrane filtration process uses standard home water pressure to push water through its semi-permeable, hair-thin membrane. […]

Jim and Carolyn Counts

I just wanted to take the time to thank Jack and Joyce for the water treatment system you installed for Carolyn and I, and to share our experience with some of your future customers about how you solved our problems. We were experiencing a 4.0 concentration of iron and fine garnet deposits although water […]

Peter Watkinson

When I moved to my home in the mountains of Western North Carolina I did not give any thought to water quality as I had relocated from Northern Virginia where I used city water. These thoughts changed immediately when I washed my first load of whites, which came out yellow. Something was wrong, but […]