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How to Bypass a Clack or Hellenbrand Control Valve

How a Backwashing Filter Works

How an Iron and Odor Oxidizing Filter Works

How a Water Softener Works

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Portable Drinking Water Station

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West Carolina Water Treatment Wins WQP Magazine’s 2013 Dealer of the Year Award. Quality customer service, an eye toward innovation and opportunities, and the drive to improve knowledge of water quality and treatment technologies — over the years, we have seen that these are all ingredients in the recipe for success as a water treatment dealer. Although its owners are newer to the water treatment industry — Dennis, Kathy and Tom Warwick purchased the business in 2009 — West Carolina Water Treatment embraces these qualities. They are just a few of the reasons Water Quality Products (WQP) readers selected West Carolina Water Treatment as the winner of the 2013 Dealer of the Year award.

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Boost Pumps & Storage Tanks

Boost PumpOften times in your home or business the water pressure may not be as strong as you would like.  This can be caused by many factors such as your distance from the wellhead, low municipal line pressure and plumbing restrictions to name a few.  […]

Rainwater Collection

rainwaterfactsFresh water is a precious resource and it will only become more valuable as time goes on.   There are many that believe the next great world crisis will be over the availability of clean water and the term “blue gold” has already been coined.   If […]