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Our mission is to provide clean, healthy and safe water to homes and businesses in Western North Carolina by providing the best water treatment solutions and services with honesty and integrity.

As an independent dealer we provide custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Being an independent dealer allows us to select from the best treatment methods available on the market and to customize the system best suited for your needs. Many off-the-shelf solutions provide only simplified treatment, usually related to water softening or chlorine removal. West Carolina Water Treatment provides on-site water testing to assist us in choosing specific treatment methods and enabling us to achieve the highest level of water quality for you.

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West Carolina Water Treatment was selected by Water Quality Products Magazine as their December dealer of the month.  It's a great honor for a small company like ours to receive this recognition and be selected from the nation wide group of water quality association members.  Copied below is the complete article or follow this link to read the original.



Case Study (Stewart Builders)
Case Study (Stewart Builders)

In April 2007 we were contacted by one of our local home builders to quote a whole house system for a custom home they were building in the Eagles Nest area of Waynesville, North Carolina. Due to the circumstances of water delivery at high elevations the homeowner had requested a holding reservoir of 1200 gallons.

Case Study (Barber Orchard) PDF Print E-mail

Barber Orchard Pesticide/Lindane Treatment

1999 was the year that a pesticide by the trade name Lindane was discovered in the Old Barbers Orchard in West Waynesville, NC. Lindane is a trade name for hexachlorocyclohexane, HCH and is a moderately toxic compound in EPA Toxicity Class II. It is no longer manufactured in the United States and use has been canceled by the EPA because of concerns about the compound’s potential to cause cancer.

The old orchard of approximately 438 acres had been sold to developers and converted into a residential development. One of the new homeowners who happened to be pregnant at the time, felt concern about her water and called in the EPA to do testing. Water tests came back positive for Lindane. Only one home in the area tested over the proposed level of safety 0.0002 mg/L. West Carolina Water Treatment was requested to place a bid for treatment of that home by CMC, Inc., the company responsible for providing removal of the pesticides from the water at that location. October 1, 1999 we installed a carbon filter at the residence where the levels exceeded acceptable amounts of Lindane. The EPA monitored that site regularly and found no dangerous levels of pesticides in the water. Many other concerned residents from that area contacted us and we installed an additional 18 units for individual’s homes. Continued pesticide related problems persisted in the soil at Barber Orchard Sub Division also causing soil removal from several sites.

Safe water at home

Many people would like to think that their water is free of bacteria and other harmful contaminants, especially those that are customers of their city's municipal water system. In 1993 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 403,000 people became ill due to Cryptosporidiosis, a parasitic disease delivered to their homes by the contaminated city water they consumed. City water and private water sources are susceptible to bacteria and parasite invasions. Many municipalities have little or nothing in place to combat these invasions. Ultraviolet sterilization and absolute 1 micron filters are 2 methods of filtration West Carolina Water Treatment can provide you with to give you peace of mind with the safety of your water. To read more about filtration of Cryptosporidium and other parasites see the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web Page here.